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12 Jun 2010
The President of the Syrian League, Secretary General of the Federation of Lebanese Christian Unions, Mr. Habib Ephram dispatched a telegram to former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares, expressing his heartfelt congratulations for the Papal Order he was granted.  more
11 Jun 2010
The high-level Papal Order bestowed by the Supreme Pontiff on Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares crowns a long process of orders, medals, and certificates of appreciation this Lebanese international figure deserved from heads of countries, political leaders, and religious dignitaries more
11 Jun 2010
During a visit paid to His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir yesterday, the Fares Foundation Director General Mr. William Mjalli revealed that a phone call was held between the Patriarch and former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares during which he informed him that The Pope Benedictus XVI ‘granted him a high-level Papal Order'  more
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