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Publication of the 12th issue of Al Mawaheb magazine issued by the Fares Foundation
04 Jan 2010

The 12th issue of the quarterly Al Mawaheb Magazine issued by the Fares Foundation was published, on the cover of which the picture of Issam Fares receiving the honoring award granted by the International Crisis Group, during the ceremony held at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

Fares has written in this issue: ‘Years and experience taught me how to conciliate between the borders of the State and the region and the limitless world and its controversies, opening in front of me the horizons of the whole globe, without neglecting what is important and urgent pertaining to my nation and to my region. It is true that we grew up amid controversies and terms pertaining to our society and our region. However, we shall overcome our local problems, go beyond the borders of the nation and jump above the barriers to see the situation of human beings as human beings wherever they are. We shall also insist on the principles of justice, freedom, equality, and human rights, and on understanding the principles of rapprochement among the peoples and the importance of dealing with crises in various regions from the world, before they explode into wars which are difficult to solve. We shall go beyond aggressive instincts and endeavor to promote great human forces which lie inside us. There are many internal conflicts within human beings, pushing them to what is rightful, beautiful, creative, and innovative. We have to promote these virtues to achieve the best based on our capacities. This is the challenge before us, to enter into history and change its course, moving from a selfish competition to a creative cooperation’.

The editorial was written by the Fares Foundation General Manager Mr. William Mjalli, saying: ‘First, a commitment of loyalty to the man and the institution; then, a commitment to consecrate all our capacities to catch up the path of a great man and be behind him. Here lies the responsibility. We have to always be present and aware in following Issam Fares discourse and implementing his will in the social and national work, stubbornly insisting so that work goes in pair with his aspirations. The magazine started with a new look and we want it to look elegant, meticulously drafted by the working team, its pages reflecting Issam Fares stances and expressing the Foundation’s generosity in favor of human beings and earth at the heart of Akkar, Lebanon, and the whole world. Since the publication of this issue coincides with the creation of a new Lebanon government, I therefore address all the Lebanese with hope, that the government will act as one working team for the sake of Lebanon and humanity.’

The issue encompasses the coverage of the honoring ceremony with both American President George Bush (senior) and Bill Clinton, congratulations messages, and activities and programs which were implemented with the financing of Fares, and the launching by Noor Issam Fares of her first jewelry collection in London.