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The representative of His Excellency takes part in the ordination of deacon Hanna Al Shaer
21 Jan 2010

The Pastor of Akkar's Parish for Greek Orthodox, Metropolitan Basilios Mansour, celebrated the mess which was held yesterday at Saint Theodore’s Church in Bayno, during which deacon Hanna Al Shaer was ordinated, in the presence of MP Nidal Tohme and the General Manager of the former Vice-Premier Issam Fares in Lebanon, Mr. Sajih Atieh, as well as other followers and members of the family of Deacon Al Shaer.

After reading the Bible, the Metropolitan delivered a sermon in which he called to follow suit Saint Anthony the Great, Father of All Monks, who lived by the words of God throughout his existence, without any weakening or faltering.

Mansour talked about the “responsibility of Deacon Al Shaer to invigorate the Parish of Bayno which holds a great historic heritage with many of the inhabitants of the village.” He said: ‘I want to remind you of something of utmost important. You are from the institution of the son of this village, Issam Fares, who expresses in his work, love, particularly love to his community in his village and his church. You have studied in Bayno. What about also being the serving Pastor, who has learned through Issam Fares Foundation this great love to the church. You are a learner of a modest love and you have no right to say that you are tired. You will keep an eye on this community and will spare no effort to serve it, according to the service bestowed on you by the blessing of the Holy Spirit.”

He expressed his great thanks to Issam Fares who has bestowed on the deacon love and care, as he has always did with the inhabitants of the village and the region. Then Deacon Al Shaer received the congratulations of the people in Mikhael Fares room in the church.