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Meeting with the special envoy of the United Nations Secretary General
08 Feb 2005

The Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Issam Fares received the special envoy of the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Terje Roed Larsen who has been entrusted with the follow up of the execution of the 1559 UN resolution.

Mr. Fares has focused on 4 issues:

1. The present ministerial Cabinet insisted that “Lebanon adheres to International resolutions, and will deal with the resolution 1559 in accordance with the correspondence that took place between the Lebanese Foreign Ministry and the United Nations”.

2. Mr. Fares who represented Lebanon as head of the Lebanese delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2004, stressed the importance of timing in executing resolution 1559.

3. Consideration should be given to the intermingling of the local and the regional in trying to execute this resolution. Special regard should be given to the presence of weapons in the Palestinian camps, and the issue of the resistance in the south of Lebanon that aims to free Shiba from Israeli domination.

4.There should always be a persistence to safeguard the Lebanese unity, and the mutual Syrian-Lebanese understanding in order to avoid any rift the 1559 resolution can inadvertently impose on relations between the various Lebanese factions on one hand, and the Syrian-Lebanese relations on the other hand.

Mr. Fares had already received the United Nations envoy upon his arrival to Beirut, and invited him to a dinner attended by ministers Elias Saba, Yassin Jaber, and Mahmoud Hammoud.

Photo Gallery
  • Mr. Terje Roed Larsen
    Mr. Terje Roed Larsen
  • During the dinner
    During the dinner