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26 Apr 2005
CNN: The complete Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon may signal a new era for the region, but some are concerned that Syria will remain a key powerbroker behind the scenes. more
03 Apr 2005
22 Mar 2005
CNN: An Arab Summit is underway now in Algiers, nearly half of the Arab Leaders are staying away from the meeting. Some experts, watching from the sidelines, say they don’t believe much will be accomplished despite the changes in the region, particularly the renewed peace process with Israel and the recent political unrest in Lebanon.  more
18 Mar 2005
The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Issam Fares has expressed his appreciation of the complete withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, and the closure of this issue. Mr. Fares insists that relations with Syria should be at their best because they emanate from the geographic and historical realities as well as common interests more
15 Mar 2005
Mr. Fares, we thank you for joining us. A clear timetable for a withdrawal of Syrian troops is what opposition groups gathered for. The groups, the huge amount of people on the streets of Beirut today are asking for that, and yet it seems they still don’t have an answer. When will Syrian troops leave Lebanon?  more
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