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26 Sep 2005
Former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares considered that the Lebanese public opinion is weary of the denunciations, condemnations, and decrials of the series of campaigns of fears, intimidation, and criminality sweeping Lebanon more
13 Sep 2005
In the midst of the ongoing controversy over the Lebanese presence in the UN General Assembly and over the official speech of Lebanon on this occasion, Lebanese former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares- who had headed last year’s delegation to New York- reaffirmed the main points of the speech he had made last year in the UN forum.  more
21 Jun 2005
‘In An Address to the People of Akkar: I Did Not Announce My Candidacy Because of the 2000 Electoral Law and Confessional Feuds The Major Battle is to Promote &Develop Akkar’  more
14 Jun 2005
In a comment on the third round of the parliamentary elections, former Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon Issam Fares pinned hopes on the future of democracy in Lebanon, lauding the high electoral turnover in the different areas of the Mountain and the Bekaa.  more
24 May 2005
The investigation should cover the overall government expenditures that exceeded 90 thousand billion Lebanese pounds (the equivalent of 60 billion US Dollars), and should not be confined to the 40 billion US Dollars public indebtedness’ more
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